I stopped blogging for a really long time.

I still remember the exact day when I discovered blogs. I was sitting in my spare room in my old house on the computer and I stumbled across Vanilla & Lace (which I’ve just Googled and is still online(!), although Abi hasn’t posted in a long time either.) I was looking for a great camera bag and Google took me to this post of Abi’s. From there I browsed around and loved all the posts that were just little peeks into someone else’s life so far away. From there I discovered Delightfully Tacky (now Liz Morrow) and I’m sure you all know A Beautiful Mess.

What I really loved about blogs was that other people didn’t have their shit together either, but were bravely throwing it out online anyway. It made me feel like I was just living my life the way other people were too, no pressure to be Insta Perfect.

I started sharing my own shit, even though a lot of it was how I struggled with self esteem and how I was trying to build a business from scratch and quitting and restarting almost every day. I started to get invited to local events and press days and I met other bloggers who loved documenting their lives too. It was so much FUN to find other people who were like me.

Northern bloggers

Then somewhere along the way things started to change… the bloggers at these events got younger and younger. I remember sitting in McDonalds with a group I had met up with before a blogging event in Manchester. I was mid to late twenties and I was the oldest person there. The bloggers were teenagers and being “old” like me was becoming really uncool.

Blogs were changing online, too. Outfit posts from people’s bedrooms were becoming full on photoshoots with professional photographers. They were beautiful, but they didn’t feel real anymore. People’s rambling thoughts were becoming “content” and bloggers were looking for their “niche”. To be a blogger now you had to write on one or two topics that you wanted to be known for and you had to create “evergreen” articles that would be read and shared for years to come.

Don’t get me wrong, I fell in with the pack and went along with it. My candid business stories became detailed advice posts and I struggled to make it look like my life was perfect, when it wasn’t. Newsflash – life never is. In the end I just ran out of passion and I ran out of steam.

I miss blogging though, so much!! I love writing, I love sharing my photos and I love looking back on it all years later to warm my heart. I want to blog again, but like the old days. I don’t know if anyone is out there still reading, but if you are do say hello!

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