Why I Fell So Hard For Schitt’s Creek

Like the entire UK population, we’ve been completing Netflix during lockdown and the absolute star of the service for me has been Schitt’s Creek. Have you seen it? Spoiler alert (seasons 1-6) times a million, below!

I started watching the show last year in an AirBNB with Laura from Oh Laura with a bucket of ice cream and a picnic spoon we had bought from Lidl over the road because we were too scared to go into the shared kitchen! For some reason it was several months until I started watching it again and I mourn the loss of those months without it in my life!

Having a show that so openly and proudly portrays queer characters without making it a big deal is incredibly refreshing and it shouldn’t need to be refreshing in this day and age! We don’t need to always make a statement about why homophobia is wrong, just showing a world where there is no homophobia shows us how great the world could be and Schitt’s Creek does just that.

Has there ever been a greater explanation of pansexuality than, “into the wine, not the label”? A phrase we can all understand. It really speaks to the simplicity of being LGBTQ+ and why it doesn’t have to be a big deal whether it’s what you identify as yourself or whether you have friends and family that do. Love is love.

David and Patrick’s relationship, while a homosexual one, doesn’t feel any different to that of my own – because it’s not any different. I felt the stages of that relationship so hard. As a child of divorce and having been through countless, meaningless, hurtful relationships myself, like David I believed that there truly was nothing better out there until I met my boyfriend, Stu.

The way Stu has simply loved me over the past twelve years is a support I never knew could exist. As individuals we are different, we have our own dreams and passions, but ultimately we make the greatest team – always pushing each other to be the best versions of ourselves through the tears and frustrations of life. Stu is my Patrick.

As for the rest of the Schitt’s Creek residents… I feel Johnny’s drive to succeed in business, throughout all the failures and drawbacks. I feel Stevie’s confusion at finding her place in the world and ultimately being the businesswoman she didn’t at first allow herself to be. I love how Ronnie doesn’t take any shit, how unashamedly bizarre Roland is and how, despite first impressions, Johnny goes on to defend him and the town to the hilt to his former friends.

TV shows have always been an escapism for me, to get lost in another world when you need some time out. I still watch Friends before bed each night as a comfort blanket when I don’t sleep well (which is often!) and I’ve seen it so many times I now laugh before the jokes.

And how can you not take a show so deeply into your heart that gives you such warm fuzzy feelings whenever you hear Simply The Best?

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